SMS Policy


                           By suscribing to

Boulevard  [ Blv ]  Palace


                              /  Text  /

notifications you agree to

/  receive  /


marketing text messages

                                  from us about our products
and services at the phone number
you provided


                when you suscribed,

and that the messages  may be

sent via

                an automatic telephone

   dialing      system or other



    Message frequency is

>> recurring


Consent is not a condition  of

            <  purchase >


Message and data rates

may apply.

                                      Reply STOP, END, CANCEL,
UNSUBSCRIBE, or QUIT, to opt-out and HELP for
customer support.


You may receive and additional

text message confirming

        [ your  ]

decision to opt out

                            You understand and agree that
attempting to opt-out by any means
[  other  ]
                    than texting the opt-out commands
above is not a reasonable means of opting
[  out  ]


           This website uses

cookies to keep track of


                     you put into

your  shopping cart



including when you have abandoned
                 your cart


This information is used to



             when to send cart

reminder messages via




is the countries of Canada

           and the USA,


that is, for clients residing in said
                                 [  countries  ]


     For U.S. and international

customers the following



We are using a text messaging



wich is subject to the following
      terms and conditions


By opting in for our text marketing

          and notifications,


you agree to these terms and


                           By entering your phone number
in the checkout and initialising a


subscribing via our subscription

form or a keyword,



      you agree that we may

send you text notifications


( for your order, including abandoned
card reminders ) and text marketing


You acknowledge that consent

is not a condition for any



   Your phone number, name

and purchase information


                        will be shared with our SMS
platform “SMSBump Inc” and


 This data will be used for sending

you targeted marketing messages

and notifications.


Upon sending the next messages,

your phone number will be passed

to a text messages


                     to fulfill their


                            If you wish to unsubscribe from
receiving text marketing messages and


reply with STOP, to any mobile

message sent from

[ us  ]

                   or use the unsubscribe link we
provided you within any of our


              You understand and

agree that alternative methods

of        opting       

[  out  ]


  such as using alternative words

or requests will not be accounted


                  a reasonable

means of opting out


Message and data       rates     

may apply

                   For any questions please text HELP
to the number you received the messages
[  from  ]


You can also contact us for

                more information

                                If you wish to opt out
please follow the procedures
[  above  ]