About Us



           Boulevard Palace is a

company that offers products


                   Designed to enrich

the health and quality of life of


                             (  including his
             appearance )


Each product is designed to find

aspects of your     personality   


                aligning them with your appearance
to show it to the world as a form of
expression like no


Find the deepest part of you that

makes you unique and



            and show it, express it

to the world with force


         This is the idea behind

Boulevard Palace


We offer you a window to the

            [  future  ]


          The latest advances in

technology and trends in the



Before, these products were only

available to professionals,

[  but  ]


          Now Boulevard Palace

puts them at your fingertips



                   We are great in

[  small  ]    details



for us the most important
         thing is you

Since our inception we have

been committed to

[  quality  ]


      Excellence and service

to our       customers     


             Our main pillars are

professionalism and

[  trust  ]


        Boulevard Palace

is your trusted company;




Canary islands - Spain