Taxes and Customs

Statistically 90% of the orders

pass the custom



generating additional expenses


In the exceptional case that your

package was retained [ by ]


                               You would have to assume the
estimated import duty deposits and additional
:::::: taxes

           Please note that under

this circumstance


             the      warranty   

:::::  coverage of your


                 does not cover

these types of expenses

      Any additional expenses

due to the payment of


                     will be borne

       by the  [  buyer  ]


if your package IS HOLDED


                        has no control over such expenses
and therefore it is not possible to anticipate their
::::: amount


We recommend that you contact

the customs office in your

[  city  ]

                         to get information about
the restrictions that may apply to
:::::  you


We will do everything possible

so that your orders with

[  us ]


                 are never held

up in      customs