What does our buyer        protection      

service consist of? 


           This service offers a variable




to gifts such as accumulation of points 

                                                               for your next purchase,


  from discount vouchers

  interest-free financing

  free shipping bonus, etc



                                     Because ?

Because if you are happy, so are we.


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 We take care of our customers and

strive to         improve         



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You can request our buyer protection

service when:


1. Your order is delayed outside the

estimated delivery time:

( 15 days )


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2. You receive a product different from     

your order. 

                                     Check our

procedure            REFUND     ]



      3. The waiting period has expired 

(15 days)  andy ou have not received

your order.                                  


     [      RETURN POLICY     ]



4. If it takes us more than 48 hours to

respond to your inquiry


             CUSTOMER SUPPORT 




5. You receive a damaged product.


     [      RETURN POLICY     ]



If you have suffered a problem in your purchasing
experience with us, tell us because,
depending on the case,


we may be able to cover you even if your

incident is not covered by any of the

[ 5 ]  points indicated



Our buyer protection service also includes

a communication and


                             tracking      service

for your orders at no additional

cost to you.


    [   Track  ]   my ORDER     


With this free service you will be informed

of all the phases your order will

go through

                                       from the moment it
leaves our warehouses until you
receive it.


We will maintain [ communication ]  with you

writing to email address you indicated when

       placing        your




If you have any questions, we have dedicated

a [  FAQ  ] section to answer the most

common  questions. 



However, you can always contact

us through  our customer


                       CUSTOMER SUPPORT 


[ On ] some occasions we take a while
to respond


We ask that you be patient, if chat support

takes more than  [ 15 ]  minutes to



                  you can always send us your           

                       CUSTOMER SUPPORT 


We respond within a maximum period

      24 / 48 hours 




The Blv-Palace store  typically

processes a HIGH volume of


                         due to the attention
  it receives on social media.



This may cause orders to be processed

slowly and delivery times to be extended

by up to  [ 15 ]  business

                 [  days  ]

However, we have a estimated delivery time

of 7-10 business days

                                  These are the most common
standard delivery times in our store.

            If your order is delayed,

please contact us.                             


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