Loyalty Program


                           To access our exclusive

club       register      and  access our Waiting 

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To get these advantages you must accumulate

points to redeem them for your next

orders  ]


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                           Points per action :


   Complete your profile          100 points
   Subscribe to newsletter     100 points
   New user registration       200 points
    Place an order                     500 points
    Celebrate Birthday           1.000 points



      To see your balance of accumulated

                        [   points  ]


you must log in from the "for / you" 




                                      Your goal is to accumulate
the most points in the shortest time 


This way you can rise in the membership

ranking and thus obtain greater

  [  benefits  ]   

                           Look at the following table to discover the
number  of points you need to access each


                and the        advantages       

that    [  each   of them






    Redeem      your points according

                                      to this table:



   Free shipping          100 points

  10% off voucher       500 points

  20% off voucher      2.500 points

                             ( Bronze member ) 


  40% off voucher      5.000 points

                                ( Silver member ) 


  [ 1 ]  Free product    10.000 points

( Gold member ) 




               To obtain REDEEMABLE

points follow these steps:



  1. Click the for/you icon

  2. Log in by clicking sign in

  3. Complete the action that interests

       you from among the

      [  following  ]


                         Place an order
                        Create account
        Happy birthday
        Complete profile
       Suscribe to newsletter



     4. click Earn points

                            look for the section that
                            interests you


                      Place an order

                      Create account


        Happy birthday

        Complete profile

        Suscribe to newsletter



            5. Finally click Get points



   Points can only be redeemed

to obtain a discount on an


                               provided that enough points
          have been accumulated.


To    redeem     your points follow

these steps:


  1. Click the for/you icon 

  2. Log in by clicking sign in


3. click Redeem points

4. click Redeem




 To redeem the 1,000 points for

              your birthday


you must register your date of birth

[ 1 ] month in advance:


                                         In this link

new user registration      

                 For completing your profile
we give you 100 points



1. click Earn points

2. in the birthday section

            click   Update  ]


3. click on the date selector button

4. to finish click on save