" Grafitty "
" Grafitty "
" Grafitty "
" Grafitty "
" Grafitty "

" Grafitty "

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▓▓▒▒░    " Grafitty "            

                  [  Art  ]


" GRAFITTY " is a form of art and a form 

                  of expression


It can be as insignificant as bathroom doodles, or as
significant  as ten-story portraits along the side of a

With this in mind, [ graffiti ] 

                 is an art


                   form that gives people the voice to
express their opinion, on a given
[ topic ]

          If you want to express your true

self, wear these         artistic       



                        Superior arch support fights
foot fatigue to      help       you stay
active for longer

                     Fit securely while 

     easy        to put on and take

/  off  /

                                       provides excellent
  grip        easy       to deal with all


[  kinds  ]   of slippery

                           Loose toe box

is  ideal for bare  feet allowing

the  toes to spread

apart  ]

                         in its   [  natural  ]



                    Ultra-soft EVA Outsol

The soft       pliable      material

presents your

/ feet  /

                             with the sensory

feedback they          crave     


         [  Weight  ]

        130 g                                                    

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