Atmosphere Lamp
Atmosphere Lamp
Atmosphere Lamp
Atmosphere Lamp
Atmosphere Lamp
Atmosphere Lamp

Atmosphere Lamp

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▒▒░   Lofree® Candly      i   

               [  Lamp  ]

░ ░  ░                    

                      Retro-style lamp

that simulates the smoked glass

[  effect   ]

                           and is reminiscent of the gas
lamps born in the early  ::::  19th  ::::

       It has an 1800k LED

                               [  Light  ]

  Adjustable     by means of the

[  knob. ]


                                              OPTION 1

You can use it as a regular night

    lamp        with constant


                                       OPTION 2

      Or set to "candle" mode


You can access and change both
                              [  modes  ]



directly from the button on the
[  back  ]


The "Sail" mode has an interesting

                 [  peculiarity  ]

:::::::  it is sensitive to


In the event that you speak or make any
                   kind of noise

the flow of light will stop



simulating the effect of the

                              [  wind  ]



This Lofree® retro lamp is all

you need to impress


                   with a beautiful romantic
candlelight dinner


! Flickering candlelight adjustable



                         settings create a relaxing
atmosphere that brings comfort and peace to
any space


Useful when you want to give your

child a little more security at

[  bedtime  ]

                                       if he is afraid of the dark
or gets up to the bathroom during the
[  night  ]

                     Battery 2200 mAh

One single charge can last upto 

                 [  24  ]

:::::::   hours continuous


                    and is rechargeable through
the included USB Cable



                Charging     time

[ 3 ]  hours

                                  you can charge the battery
of the lamp with the charging base or with the
   USB     cable



measure 172 x 83 x 66 mm


  Synthetic leather hook to

suspend the lamp



  Support base with charging

                              [  pin  ]

1x -  USB-Micro USB cable

1x - [  Manual  ]

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